Words matter

Dear Eau Claire community: We are learning about citizenship and government in our third-grade class.

We think we can make a difference in our world by convincing you that there should be no profanity used in public places. When adults curse, it encourages kids to do it. Little kids might overhear the bad words and start saying them.

Cursing might hurt people’s feelings. It could make your friend mad and they might not want to be your friend. Kids need to improve their vocabulary, so citizens should be good role models for them.

There are adults who are uncomfortable with curse words and it is disrespectful to them too. It is also disrespectful to God and it breaks one of the Ten Commandments.

In public places, you are supposed to be polite. Be a good person and a good citizen and stop cursing in public places. Have we convinced you?

Dori Fadness

Eau Claire

Love top need

I wonder about that conversion therapy.

The thinking behind it puzzles me. I get that it is faith-based, but let’s take that same therapy and base that thinking on whatever you want. Apply it to heterosexuals to turn them gay, will that work?

For myself, I don’t understand being gay, but I do understand this: Most people want someone to care about (love) and to be cared for (loved). Why can’t they have that and why does having that have to be your way? Being happy is hard enough.

It seems a little odd that people would be against love.

Thomas Kent

Eau Claire