Deserving of accolades?

I have been a vocal critic of the Donald Trump government, but I should give credit where credit is due. He did plop a $2 trillion tax break into the hands of big companies and his super rich friends, which of course the rest of us will have to pay for.

In spite of the tax gift — if I overlook the hatred of immigrants, the separation of children from parents and the chain link cages they were kept in — I can consider all the new things I have learned: collusion, conspiracy, suborning perjury, election interference, emoluments violations, campaign finance hush money to porn stars, witness tampering, witness retaliation, tax fraud, insurance fraud, misuse of inauguration funds, the NRA’s Russia connection, Maria Buttina, misuse of Trump charitable foundation money, inflating real-estate worth to gain lowered loan interest, etc

Coming from a president that has now logged over 11,000 lies, it is hard to raise our expectations. Very few of his Republican minions in the Senate have shown any dismay over his actions; either they are spineless or they believe the end justifies the means. The Republican senators couldn’t do better with bozo the clown at the helm. With Bozo, at least then they would have an excuse for screwing up NATO, dropping out of the climate accord, making a mess of negotiating with China, North Korea, Mexico, Canada, etc., etc.

Charles Kwick

Eau Claire