Cemetery not mapped well

Many things in life should not be so difficult for people with physical limitations. I am deeply disappointed that there is no easy way for people with limited abilities to complete a task with ease.

My wife passed away over 10 weeks ago, and I could not locate any map of the Eau Claire Lakeview Cemetery lot numbers. All I knew was section D and the lot number. Just where it was, who knows? Communication by phone is not my best choice. I tried to find the sexton many times.

There is a section map of Lakeview online, but why can’t I find a map with the lot numbers? You sell grave locations by numbers, so why isn’t there a map to download any section?

I took a video of every headstone in section D. I spent hours mapping the names with the lots. I closed in on the area I wanted to find. I researched over 150 names.

I finally found where my wife is on April 2. This should never have happened. There should be a chart or map online of every Eau Claire cemetery that has the sections and the lots.

Roy Hoff Sr.