Keep expansion in the state budget

When I heard that GOP legislators plan to remove key provisions to expand BadgerCare in the state budget, I was filled with dread. For the past 30 years, I have strived to lift my family out of systemic poverty. Personally, accepting federal funds to expand BadgerCare would be a bridge from complete uncertainty to self-sustainability.

I provide for my family on my disability income and my goal is to return to the workforce. However if I make more than the federal poverty line, my health care costs on the open market would offset any gains that I would earn. Currently, I am de-incentivized because it would mean losing the care that I depend on for my continued well-being. I would prefer to be searching for a new job and re-entering the workforce with the peace of mind that expanded BadgerCare would provide me. Instead of being able to take the next step, I’m wedged in place.

So, I ask that my neighbors in the Chippewa Valley please contact your state legislators and tell them to accept federal funds to expand BadgerCare. Remind them that families like mine are counting on them to do the right thing because health care is both a right and a necessity for us.

Tammy Davis

Eau Claire

Missing the way things once were

I don’t ever remember so much turmoil going on here over immigrants because we didn’t have it. It was always taken care of by competent people — we don’t have that anymore.

It’s not only immigration, it’s so much hate going on — too much racism, too many people who approve of white supremacists, Russia and Kim Jong-un.

I want to go back to peace in the USA again. America was great a few years ago. What happened? We all know. Don’t we?

Judy Pendergast