Most want the same for our nation

I would like to believe that we Americans, of whatever political affiliation, genuinely want renewal for our nation. Despite the opposing rhetoric issuing from either side of our current divide, I choose to believe we all, at heart, want our nation to shine.

Our disagreements should not blind us to that foundational truth, nor cast either side as an enemy of the state. We are family; we are community; we long for the good to prevail; we quarrel, as we must as a democracy, as families are wont to do, over our differing points of view; but we must not drive any member from the table.

Like those attending a tent revival, we look for a spirit from above to touch our hearts. As a nation, that higher spirit towards which we turn and dedicate ourselves is the ideal enshrined in our founding documents, in whose service we strive to remake ourselves.

May we rise and eschew the ignoble in our effort to preserve and perfect the union entrusted to us, dedicating ourselves, as Abraham Lincoln exhorted, to that cause for which the defenders have given the “last full measure of devotion.”

Michael Doran


Actions run contrary to 10 Commandments

The Sixth Commandment of God states that, “Thou shall not murder.”

Abortions were considered to be murder until the Roe v. Wade court case in 1973 when the Supreme Court legalized most abortions. This action is man overruling God’s Sixth Commandment.

The Seventh Commandment states, “Thou shall not commit adultery.” Same-sex marriage is in violation of God”s moral law. The LGBTQ community was able to make a civil rights issue with the support of the NAACP. Under President Barack Obama same-sex marriage became law of the land. In Genesis 2:24, our creator made marriage a union between one man and one woman. Again man is overruling God.

When a nation or church fails to uphold the law of God as the standard for living in peace and harmony, evil will take over. When we overrule God’s Commandments, we have a sin problem and many unpleasant happenings take place in our world. Chaos, hatred, mistrust, bad weather, wars and other catastrophes are just a few examples.

Many people want to blame everything on climate change. We need to remember Sodom and Gomorrah and Noah and the Ark and God’s punishment for not obeying his Commandments. We need God’s help and we need the fortitude to deny Satan and his followers the ability to deny us of our rights.

I urge people to vote for candidates that support God’s Commandments.

God bless.

Jerome Wolcott


New regulations needed for guns

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution has associated legal regulations. These include (with some state-regulated exemptions):

• Federal Gun Control Act of 1968 that says, among other categories, felons and the mentally defective cannot legally possess firearms.

• The National Firearms Act of 1934 that says it is illegal to possess a sawed-off shotgun or fully automatic firearm without a federal permit to do so.

So, the Second Amendment is regulated. Also, federal and state regulations apply to waterfowl hunting; that is, you cannot legally hunt waterfowl with a shotgun that can hold more than three shells, unless you plug it with a one-piece filler that cannot be removed without disassembling the gun.

I propose that there be enacted a federal law that would make it a federal Class C felony offense to possess any firearm that has the ability to hold more than six rounds of ammunition. This includes firearms that have a magazine or any other device that can be attached, by any means, which allows a firearm to hold more than six rounds of ammunition. This law would allow firearms currently legally owned to be made legal by using five-round limited magazines and firearms with tubed magazines to have the tube shortened or permanently plugged to allow them to hold no more than five rounds of ammunition.

Firearm and firearm component manufacturers and sellers/dealers would be considered in possession of illegal firearms or components when manufacturing or selling such firearms/components, according to this law. Of course, military and law enforcement members while on duty would be exempt.

So, some can argue that with this law only crooks will have illegal firearms. Yes, they would be Class C felons.

Ron Parejko

Eau Claire

Yet another war of choice looms

President Donald Trump is poised to enter yet another and longer and even more horrific war of choice in the Middle East.

This time, he’s siding with Saudis against Iranians and a conflict that began in 2700 B.C. Why is he taking the Saudis’ side anyway? We do not need their oil.

Perhaps it is for financial or political gain. After all, Trump was quoted as saying, “If Obama’s ratings fall before the next election, he will start a war to unite the country behind him.” So, is that Trump’s reasoning now?

Keep in mind it was not our ships that were attacked and if the issue is keeping the Straits of Hormuz open then, well, let the Saudis or the Chinese, who get 80% of their oil via that strait, keep it open. Having our fleet there is creating a powder keg. Under similar tensions in the past, we mistakenly shot down an Iranian passenger plane killing 290 Iranians.

Understand, Iran has a standing army of one million very well-trained and equipped men. It is foot soldiers that win wars, not by out-spending the enemy.

Iranian/American relations have always been strained. After WWI, the Brits and us broke up the great Persian Empire into a bunch of smaller countries that seemingly cannot co-exist — half Persian (Shiite) and half Arab (Sunni). Iran is what now what remains of Persia.

Now, we have supplied Iran’s enemy, the Saudis, with weapons worth $80 billion and are helping them acquire nuclear capabilities. Also, Trump is making the Iranian people suffer under unbearable sanctions.

There is a militant conservative party Trump is now empowering in Iran. Trump is simply and tragically mistaken if he thinks he can merely bully and humiliate these proud people into submission.

John Ranes

Chippewa Falls