Don’t forget precautions as society reopens

I would like to remind people that we can get back to business if we do it safely. Wearing a mask, hand washing and maintaining social distance are ways we can all contribute in a low cost way to the safety of all.

We should be selective in choosing to patronize businesses that are operating in a safe manner (and letting them know when they are not). If your business is failing, it is probably because you failed to plan and therefore planned to fail by default. Business continuity planning as well as creativity, responsiveness and a sense of duty for the common good will get us through.

Consult Disaster Ready Chippewa Valley for resources. Be safe and stay well.

Nina Albanese- Kotar

Eau Claire

Story on killing should cover all the facts

Your story in the May 10 Leader-Telegram, “Georgia man’s death raises echoes of US racial terror legacy,” like so many other stories I read, does not include all the pertinent facts.

Unbiased reporting should include both sides of an issue no matter what. It should have been included in this story what the Georgia law is that these two shooters/pursuers believed they were following. I am not justifying their actions because it appears they unjustifiably killed this person. However, the story seems to be “politically correct” in assuming their guilt before being proven.

We are all innocent until proven guilty and this story, in my opinion, further fans racial animosities.

Chasing after a suspected burglar and confronting the same whether it is true or not that he was a burglar should have included what the Georgia law says is permissible in such circumstances.

What is Georgia law regarding the use of deadly force? In most instances it cannot be used or threatened to be used in property crimes whether the person did it or is suspected of doing it. Further, if someone is confronted by armed citizens threatening the use of deadly force, it would appear there is a right to self-defense, which in this case is possibly why the physical altercation took place. Was this the case? It appears since they have been charged this is the case. Just getting into a fistfight does not justify deadly force.

Alleging that they are guilty before proven in the story should at least have included more facts. Thorough journalistic investigations for articles should always consider all sides and pertinent facts and information.

Dave Nagel


Trump shouldn’t be reelected in November

Judgment day for President Donald Trump will take place on the first Tuesday in November of this year. Consider the following factoids in rendering that judgment.

• Is President Trump a racist? Yes.

• Is President Trump sexist? Yes.

• Is President Trump a white supremacist? Yes.

• Is President Trump a narcissist? Yes.

• Did President Trump pay women to be silent about his committing adultery? Yes.

• Does President Trump reject the science on climate change? Yes.

• Does President Trump have contempt for democracy? Yes.

• Has President Trump gone on record saying that he’s being treated worse then President Abraham Lincoln, who was assassinated? Yes.

• Does President Trump have relatively little understanding of the United States Constitution? Yes.

• Does President Trump put the gross domestic product ahead of the health and well-being of the American people? Yes.

• Does President Trump demonstrate poor leadership skills? Yes.

• Is President Trump lacking in emotional and ethical intelligence? Yes.

• Does President Trump have a lack of understanding regarding the appropriate fiscal management of the country? Yes.

• Has President Trump alienated our allies? Yes.

• Does President Trump show admiration for autocratic leaders in other nations? Yes.

• Does President Trump support equality in education and health care for all citizens of the United States? No.

• On the basis of the answers to these questions, is President Trump a mentally stable individual? No.

On the basis of answers to these questions, will President Trump be elected by we the people to a second term? No.

Richard Boyum

Candler, N.C.

Deforestation has wide-ranging implications

With the continuation of the destruction of our forests, our world is experiencing climate change, desertification, soil erosion, fewer crops, flooding, increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and a host of problems for indigenous people. Large amounts of trees are cut daily in the Amazon rain forests.

Effects of deforestation include loss of habitat; 70% of Earth’s land animals and plants live in forests and they cannot survive.

In regard to increased greenhouse gases, 20% of Earth’s oxygen is disappearing yearly.

Trees help control the level of water in the atmosphere by helping to regulate the water cycle, while 80% of deforestation comes from small-scale agriculture and cattle ranching.

Without coastal vegetation, coastal villages are more susceptible to flooding and waves and winds associated with storm surges.

The destruction of homelands is especially prevalent in our rain forests.

Since 1970, wildfires have increased 400 percent. California, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico experience the worst damage. Other risk areas are forests in Canada, Scandinavia and Russia. Wildfire intensity and frequency are worse now than in the past 10,000 years. And damage from wildfires is projected to increase.

The solution is to start back up the Civilian Conservation Corps we had in 1942. The departments of Labor, Agriculture, War and Interior were all part of this. They recruited men across the country to work in nature preservation and the creation of natural parks. They employed over three million men. They constructed infrastructure projects, including building and installing truck trails, fire breaks, vehicular bridges, telephone lines, lookout towers, and cabins for fire control and firefighting. Men got paid and sent money home to their families. They learned a trade.

Give the illegal immigrants, homeless and unemployed a future. Give future generations a future. Let’s save lives and our environment.

Trudy Grill

Eau Claire

Behind-the-scenes workers celebrated

There are many unsung heroes working behind the scenes during the current COVID-19 tragedy.

I would like to recognize all those people who work in and operate group homes and residential care facilities for the mentally and physically disabled.

Having worked in both, I understand how challenging it must be to keep individuals residing in these places on task, occupied and satisfied.

To all those employees, may you keep on smiling and taking care to take care.

A better day is upon us.

Vince Pernsteiner

Chippewa Falls