Accountability and transparency lauded

The coronavirus pandemic has forced us to look at the past and to how we do things in the future.

What will the start of public education and public higher education look like in this coming fall? What I find interesting is that the nuts and bolts of funding public schools and public higher education seem to be merrily trotting along as if everything is fine. School district referenda are still occurring at a record pace.

Regarding public higher education in this state, the UW System is still being hampered by no tuition increases, giving it very few options of generating additional capital to support increased costs. The UW System answers to the governor and the Legislature related to funding. I call this a representative democracy.

Looking at the funding of the Wisconsin Technical College System, the 16 tech district boards of this state are appointed, not elected. Theses district boards have the authority to borrow millions every year and they do. The local property taxpayers in these districts get the tab. This is not representative democracy, never has been.

School boards, county boards, and our senators and representatives are elected, as well as the governor. Now we have Chippewa Valley Technical College out of Eau Claire with a passed referendum of $48.8 million. Every single property taxpayer in the counties CVTC serves will be paying for this referendum for 20 years.

The coronavirus has affected almost every aspect of our daily lives, yet there has not been a good look on how inequities/unfairness will be addressed in the future. It is time that all public higher education funding moves to the state level like the UW System. Then and only then will we have a representative democracy with transparency and accountability.

Terry Nichols


Safe in-person return to schools unlikely

I taught for 32 years. This is a terrible idea. We are releasing people from jail to protect them and we are going to send kids into a place that will seem like a jail because we need the economy to pick up.

There are many disabilities that occur if one gets COVID-19. Public or private, I’d put my kids in online school. Our president said to open the economy and look what happened. Now him and some fool named Betsy DeVos say to open the schools and it will work — no music, no recess, no physical education, eat in rooms, fill the buses.

Sounds like another stupid plan from the president. Not for my kids.

John Wetzel

Chippewa Falls

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

On Jan. 22, 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court overstepped the boundaries of God’s Law and the boundaries of natural law. It ruled that an unborn boy or girl is not protected, their lives may be legally taken at any stage of pre-born life.

This has been a horrible, destructive and inhumane blow to us all. We all pay the price for this evil. There is no other issue facing this nation more important than this primary right to life for all. Be it poverty, immigration, ecology issues, homelessness, racism, any issue you may present, they are not the primary issue.

We are reaping what we have sown.

As Mother Teresa said, “A nation that kills its children in the womb has lost its soul.”

Barbara Sippy