Impeachment near?

Confidants of President Trump are now saying that his initial promise to build a wall along the territorial border between the United States and Mexico will not be fulfilled by the president.

Counselor Kellyanne Conway says that the argument over calling the wall a wall is “a silly semantic argument.” That may be true, but then “Donald Trump is president” can likewise be considered a silly semantic argument. That Trump did not win a pluarity in the 2016 presidential election is not fake news. He lost by nearly three million votes.

Although he is in office, Trump’s ability to maintain office may be questioned, as the findings of the Robert Mueller investigation will likely be released in early 2019. These findings may have facts that jeopardize his legal standing as president.

Linked to the findings of that investigation, and the president’s propensity for lying, is that this year the United States House of Representatives will have a Democratic majority. There is a possibility that the House may move toward the president’s impeachment.

Ron Parejko

Eau Claire

Faced with dilemma

In center stage is our President Donald Trump who continues to represent and lead our country as he managed and controlled his corporation. Sadly that is ingrained in him. We do not need a corporate czar.

The Republic Party and too many of the Republican legislators in the Senate and House seem to blindly support Trump with his proposals and don’t question/challenge his rhetoric. I do not see Trump changing his style because, I believe, he cannot. Unless he decides not to run for a second term, recognizing that being president was not as profitable as he thought, the Republican Party will be faced with a real dilemma.

On the other side the Democratic Party is so focused on Trump that there is even talk in the open about impeachment. They are so obsessed with fighting him that they have not well defined what they really stand for and how they can better serve our nation.

When I look at both parties that do want to be the lead ruling party, I believe they have a focus that should be one that the other party should have. The Democratic Party should not want to impeach Trump, for should he be impeached, our vice president becomes president and the Democratic Party loses a big argument on why you and I should not vote Republican.

For the Republicans I wonder if many are not secretly hoping that Trump will decide not to run for a second term or some other event(s) of a legal nature prevents him from doing so. Impeachment would solve their dilemma.

I sure wish I could feel more positive, but what I read and hear does not make that possible.

Dennis Ciesielski