Kudos for council

I am writing this letter to congratulate the Eau Claire City Council on moving forward with a participatory budgeting initiative in 2019.

This has been highlighted in earlier Clear Vision community summits as a key agenda item to improve transparency and expand public participation in our city’s budget process.

Participatory budgeting is a democratic process in which community members decide how to spend part of a public budget. It gives people real power over real money.

Currently over 3,000 cities worldwide use this process to engage local residents in working more effectively with local government to address pressing community needs and implement sustainable public policies.

Under participatory budgeting, city residents get to directly propose and vote on community enhancement projects that get incorporated into the city budget presented to the City Council. This creates opportunities for people to forge new public relationships, connect with community networks and experience being part of something larger than their own personal day-to-day interests and concerns.

I’m excited to see what the citizens of Eau Claire come up with in 2019. Congratulations and best wishes to the City Council as you move forward with this project.

Mike Huggins

Eau Claire

A giving Legislature

What a wonderful and giving state Wisconsin is. It is time for us to thank the Republican Legislature and current governor for all the benefits it has seen fit to give Foxconn.

Not only are we going to give them our hard-earned tax credits for jobs created within the state, but now we will give them tax credits for jobs created outside of the state. One can only wonder how many of the supposedly 13,000 jobs will actually be here in Wisconsin.

In addition one can only wonder what happened to the current governor’s pledge he would see that pre-existing medical conditions would be covered by medical insurance here in the state. Oh well, I guess the Legislature and governor were so busy in the lame duck session they didn’t have time to worry about the health of the common Wisconsin citizen.

And I sure am thankful that no bill was put in place to raise their current pay. I know they put in many long hours to get everything just right.

Happy New Year to all.

Joel Sigel

Chippewa Falls