Mail service in EC neighborhood lacking

Those of us in the Princeton Valley neighborhood on the north side are at wit’s end. It is impossible for us to have our mail delivered regularly.

No matter how many times we complain to postal officials, and they hear from us nearly every day, we get mail two or three times a week on average, sometimes more and sometimes even less. Here’s what one neighbor just reported on the Princeton Area Neighborhood Association Facebook page: “I only received mail 1 day last week. Nothing this week. ...”

Many of us have signed up for the postal email service that tells us daily what mail we have coming. That service is a cruel joke when the mail doesn’t get delivered for days on end. This is not to blame our carrier. This is a failure of the postal system in Eau Claire, and we are getting tired of it. We do not live in the boondocks. This is a city neighborhood and we deserve to have regular mail service.

I also understand that the postal service, like other businesses, is dealing with historic labor shortages. But why does it seem like other areas of the city have regular mail delivery and some areas are continually disadvantaged?

I’m sure this letter will fall on deaf ears, just like the previous barrage of calls we have made to officials that have not resolved the issue. But at least now the rest of Eau Claire knows what dismal postal service some neighborhoods in the city are forced to live with.

Doug Mell

Eau Claire

Pizza consumption can be a positive

A recent contributor to this space suggested that people like me eat nothing but pizza. Well, I like pizza. The point being made was that liberals get their news from one source, which is akin to eating one kind of pizza. I agree, that would be unhealthy.

This is a typical conservative approach; take one complicated issue, turn it into a simple sound bite, then extrapolate to the entire population and have all your friends yell, “Hell yeah.” My personal favorites are guns, God, gays, tax cuts and war. Cry “freedom” for every argument and own the libs.

However, as soon as one spends a moment in critical thought, one realizes there are many kinds of pizza, and the analogy quickly falls apart. I have eaten breakfast pizza, vegan pizza, veggie pizza, meatless pizza, fruit pizza, desert pizza, etc., and a critical thinker may conclude that one could eat nothing but pizza and live a long and happy life. Then, in a classic case of projection, the writer lists several pizza “news” joints but apparently only eats one variety himself, which, as I said earlier, would be unhealthy. This also helps to explain how so many think the last presidential election was fraudulent and vaccines make one magnetic, glow, have chips, have little octopi — insert your favorite. And yes, we all have acquaintances who support the people-owned Packers (socialist), vet’s pension (socialist), Medicare (socialist) and and Social Security (duh) with a yard sign that says, “Stop Socialism.”

Power to the pizza.

Myron Buchholz

Eau Claire

Westrate has his work cut out for him

Hearing that Sen. Kathy Bernier is retiring and waiting to see who jumps in to replace her, it seems Brian Westrate has the calling, according to a recent article in the Leader-Telegram. Looking at his background, it seems he is satisfied with the status quo in Madison other than bashing Gov. Tony Evers.

If Westrate is going to represent west-central Wisconsin, he may want to do his homework. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos will expect total allegiance, and the Senate majority leader will expect the same. Bernier has had enough of the Michael Gableman fiasco, and Vos has spent over $600,000 of taxpayer dollars and maybe more spending is coming.

Westrate will represent rural areas of this state, and we all know that the rural areas have their own problems. Will Westrate be comfortable being called a Donald Trump supporter? I’ve read so many articles that say the Republican Party has become the Trump party. Does the GOP need to redefine itself as a party, or can we expect more partisan rancor and “gotcha” politics in Madison on both sides? Can we expect more local control by local governments, or will we just hear talk about it?

I believe Vos takes credit for creating the Task Force on Water Quality along with Evers creating the Year of Clean Drinking Water (2019). It’s 2022 folks, why is human septage still being spread on farmers’ fields? Imagine what’s in it.

Terry Nichols

Town of Colfax

Restrictions on voting are unpatriotic

As American citizens, we have the right to vote. Actually, voting is more than a right — it is our patriotic duty.

So why are Wisconsin’s Republican legislators (and Republican legislators in D.C.) trying to make it more difficult for everyone to vote? I don’t understand how any legislator can claim to support the U.S. Constitution while, at the same time, trying to pass legislation that keeps eligible citizens from voting.

Restricting absentee and mail-in ballots, for example, makes voting impossible for shut-ins or people who lack physical mobility. Restricting mail in ballots also means that working people have to take off from their jobs in order to vote. And prohibiting drop boxes for absentee ballots forces voters to go in person to polling places even if they are trying to avoid contracting or spreading COVID.

Reducing the number of polling places forces citizens to find transportation and to stand in line for hours (even in cold and rain and even if they cannot stand outside for health reasons). These restrictive voting measures especially target the voting rights of working people, older people, homebound citizens, poorer people who lack transportation or can’t afford to take off from work, and citizens with health conditions that limit their mobility.

The U.S. Constitution does not limit the right of citizens to vote to only those who are rich and healthy, own cars and are physically able to stand in line. But, apparently, Wisconsin’s Republican legislators think they have the right to push aside the Constitution and hand pick the people they want to vote. This is not patriotic.

Gloria Hochstein

Eau Claire