Impact of drugs too dangerous

Discussions commenced after President Donald Trump designated Judge Brett Kavanaugh as his preferred candidate to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy following his gracious resignation.

Resistance to Kavanaugh’s appointment came swiftly from Maine Sen. Susan Collins, a nominal Republican, who threatened to abstain from any vote that would end the precedent of the 1973 decision, Roe v. Wade, effectively making legalized abortion null and void (Leader-Telegram, July 2).

In praxis, Roe v. Wade is overruled by scientific advances like ultrasound. The “dark ages” of determining the viability of a budding infant in the womb are over. Such a case mesmerized Brown County’s attention as Chief Deputy Todd Delain released the identity of two victims, Jennifer Skeen, 31, and Skeen’s 30-to-33-week-old, unborn baby. A medical evaluation discovered Skeen’s death was the result of overdosing with fentanyl, subsequently killing Skeen’s baby in the womb.

During a drug task force operation, Cassie Nygren and Shawn Gray peddled .31 grams of heroin as the pair were taken into custody and held on $50,000 cash bond. 

We as a nation cannot turn a blind eye to the deleterious consequences of drugs. Nor can the nation turn the clock back 45 years as Sen. Collins argues to defend Roe v. Wade to suspend President Trump’s “great awakening.”


Eau Claire

Government can provide help

The answer to immigration is so simple.

Just go to the people thinking of coming here and tell the truth. One simple sentence will do it and that is, “the American people are not nice anymore.” See, problem solved.

Sure, some claiming asylum are trying to scam the system. It is the same with the poor; some are scamming the system.

So what?

Are we so consumed by hate for them that we should not help the majority who are truly suffering? When Jesus stressed helping the poor he did not conclude by saying “Oh, but if you know a guy who is cheating, well, then just forget everything I said.”

It was once said, “God must use a different measuring stick to judge those with a warm heart than those with a cold heart.”

Now, many on the right donate to charities, proving they are good, caring people. Yet they refuse to support government programs that aid the needy and that is morally irreconcilable.

Sure, donate a good meal at Christmas and seemingly it shows you have a good heart but it also shows you have a bad mind; if you do not realize they also need to eat the rest of the year.

Simply put, the government is the one, and only one, that can handle the massive amount of poverty in this country because it is the only one that can supply consistent and reliable aid.


Chippewa Falls