It’s time to pay up

“They’re all aiming at anybody that likes me,” President Donald Trump said, but he argued he had no choice but to take advantage of the economy’s strength to pick a fight with trade powers that he said had been “ripping us off for decades.”

When one reads this statement, it doesn’t make any sense unless your goal is to jeopardize the well-being and future of the United States. Taking advantage of the economy’s strength to start a trade war has more to do with something other than the good of the citizens of the USA.

If the economy is strong, why would the administration want to get greedy and take the chance of disrupting it, unless that is the goal?

It reminds me of this farmer friend of mine. The bank wanted its money so it told the farmer to sell his corn and beans at harvest price. The farmer knew it was going to be just enough to pay the bank and nothing left for the farmer, but the bank wanted its money.

Everyone knows. ... When one borrows money from a questionable source,  sometimes it’s time to pay the piper, or in this case, Vladimir Putin.


Spring Valley