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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can I view everything on your website without an online subscription?

Everything is available to view for free except our e-edition and archive service. In the future you may be required to register or subscribe.

2) What is included in an online subscription?

A subscription includes access to all of our website content including our e-edition or archives, which is an exact replica of the newspaper in a digital format. The e-edition is formatted for your desktop computer, iPad, Android and Kindle Fire tablets (download available in the Apple App Store or Google Play). Once a subscription is purchased, the user name and password you create at that time will grant access to all of these formats.

3) How much does an online subscription cost?

An online subscription is free if you are a 7 day print subscriber. If you are not a 7 day print subscriber the cost is $12 per month. Once you sign up we will automatically charge your credit card $12 each month until you alert us to stop your service. If you are a weekend print subscriber you can sign up for an online subscription at the reduced cost of $6 per month. Again, we will automatically charge your credit card $6 each month until you alert us to stop your online service.

4) How do I sign up for an online subscription?

Click here for instructions to subscribe.

4) Already have an online account but need to purchase a subscription or activate your 7-day print subscription?

Manage My Subscriptions

6) How do I renew my online subscription?

Within 7 days of the expiration date of your online subscription you will receive a reminder email from us. If you don’t receive an email, just login and click on the “Manage My Subscription” link in the left menu under Subscribe on our website. After logging in, click on the “subscription and services” link on the left side of the page and then “my services” to renew.

7) I am logged in but can’t access the e-edition/archives or any premium content?

If you are on the free or reduced rate because you are either a 7-day or weekend print subscriber and you have recently terminated your print subscription you will no longer have access. If that is the case please see #7. If that is not the case please call our customer service line at 715-833-9268 and we'll do our best to help.

8) I forgot my password or need to change it?

Click here to change your password.

9) How many people can access an online subscription at once?

An online subscription allows access for one concurrent user.

10) What is the e-edition and how does is it differ from the archives?

The e-edition is an exact replica of the newspaper in a digital format. The archives are in the exact same format, but date back to 1992, while the e-edition only provides the previous 30 days.

11) Do you have an app for the Leader-Telegram?

We have an e-edition app for iPad and Android tablets or phones. These are available with a paid online subscription. We also have a mobile version of our website which supports all mobile phones and tablets. If you visit on your mobile device you will be automatically redirected to our mobile friendly version.

12) How do I update the payment method associated with my online subscription?

Please call customer service at 715-833-9268.

13) I have a question. Whom do I contact?

If you want to talk to us or e-mail us your comments, we’ll be happy to answer your questions. You may contact either: or 715-833-9268.