Five local bowlers had strong weeks, with all of them rolling games at least 61 pins above average.

In the Independent League at Bowl-Winkles, Jeff Kappus bowled a 290 game — 61 pins above average — and an 806 series — 119 pins over his average. Jim Bunkleman rolled a 288 game, which is 79 pins over his average.

In the Service League at Bowl-Winkles, Tim Tyler had the highest pins over average for the week. He was 150 pins up with a 657 series and 85 pins up with a 254 game. Leo Steffen was 96 pins above his average series with a 624 and 79 pins above his average game with a 255. Matt Blaeser was 75 pins above average with his 259 game.

— Leader-Telegram staff