Single Series


Todd Van Sleet (Ojibwa Thursday). 816

Steve Mewhorter (Ojibwa Friday Night Spareparts) 814

Mike Wirz (Bowl Winkle’s Arrowhead) 808

Jeff Kappus (Bowl Winkle’s Independent) 806

Sam Lofquist (Wagner’s Tuesday Leftovers) 804

Rick Prosek (Bowl Winkle’s Service) 801

Terry Halida (Bowl Winkle’s Arrowhead) 801

Wes Manske (Bowl Winkle’s Arrowhead) 792

Matt Steffenson (Wagner’s Big 8 Plus) 792

Dave Whitman (Wagner’s Tuesday Leftovers) 791

Marc Lee (Wagner’s Big 8 Plus) 784

Randy Peck (Bowl Winkle’s Arrowhead) 783

Rick Prosek (Bowl Winkle’s Service) 780

Rick Mangin (Wagne’rs Tuesday Leftovers) 778

Bo Bortilini (Bowl Winkle’s Arrowhead) 773

Derek Munden (Bowl Winkle’s Independent) 769

Dave Whitman (Wagner’s Big 8 Plus) 769


Kaylene Hanson (Wagner’s Lucky Belles) 738

Darlene Cater (Bowl Winkle’s Ladies Classic) 725

Darlene Cater (Bowl Winkle’s Service) 701

Kaylene Hanson (Wagner’s Early Birds Mixed) 688

Amy Marvin (Wagner’s Ladies West) 684

Jennifer Bautch (Wagner’s Ladies Sport) 678

Barb Hanson (Bowl Winkle’s Service) 676

Darlene Cater (Bowl Winkle’s Ladies Classic) 670

Kaylene Hanson (Wagner’s Lucky Belles) 669

Amy Marvin (Wagner’s Ladies West) 664

Ellen Prellwitz (Wagner’s Ladies West) 662

Kaylene Hanson (Wagner’s Lucky Belles) 660

Carrie Petska (Wagner’s Lucky Belles) 652

Kathryn Hamilton (Wagner’s Hotlines) 651

Jennifer Bautch (Wagner’s Ladies Sport) 650

Single High Game


Matt Steffenson (Wagner’s Big 8 Plus) 300

Allen Nall (Wagner’s Starlite and Big 8 Plus) 300

Steve Mewhorter (Ojibwa Golf and Bowl Monday Men) 300

Dave Whitman (Wagner’s Big 8 Plus) 300

Mike Netland (Bowl Winkle’s Arrowhead) 300

Jeff Segerstrom (Bowl Winkle’s Arrowhead) 300

Terry Halida (Bowl Winkle’s Arrowhead) 300

Harry Evjen (Bowl Winkle’s Arrowhead) 300

Rick Prosek (Bowl Winkle’s Service) 300

Kurt Hanke (Bowl Winkle’s Arrowhead) 300

Sam Lofquist (Wagner’s Tuesday Leftovers) 299

Bo Bortilini (Bowl Winkle’s Arrowhead) 299

Rick Prosek (Bowl Winkle’s Service) 299

Chuck Polenz (Bowl Winkle’s Service) 299

Eric Woestehoff (Bowl Winkle’s Arrowhead) 299

Randy Peck (Bowl Winkle’s Arrowhead) 298

Mike Staves (Bowl Winkle’s Arrowhead) 298


Darlene Cater (Bowl Winkle’s Arrowhead) 280

Amy Marvin (Wagner’s Ladies West) 270

Darlene Cater (Bowl Winkle’s Ladies Classic) 269

Lisa Hermann (Wagner’s Ladies West) 267

Jennifer Bautch (Wagner’s Ladies West) 263

Ellen Prellwitz (Wagner’s Ladies West) 259

Darlene Cater (Bowl Winkle’s Service) 258

Kaylene Hanson (Wagner’s Early Birds Mixed) 258

Julia Swanson (Bowl Winkle’s Ladies Classic) 258

Barb Hanson (Bowl Winkle’s Service) 257

Jennifer Bautch (Wagner’s Ladies Sport) 256

Barb Hanson (Bowl Winkle’s Service) 256

Kaylene Hanson (Wagner’s Lucky Belles) 256

Jeri Morris (Wagner’s Sunday Niters) 255