More than 40 city natives who signed professional contracts will be inducted into the Eau Claire Baseball Hall of Fame.

The 41 men will be honored at the second annual Hall of Fame banquet at 7 p.m. Monday, Feb. 1, at Florian Gardens. A bronze plaque listing their names, the year they signed and the Major League team that signed them will be erected in 2010.

The Hall of Fame is at Henry Aaron Plaza outside Carson Park baseball stadium.

The keynote speaker for the banquet will be Harmon Killebrew, a former Minnesota Twins slugger and a member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Also being inducted, as previously announced, will be Andy Pafko, a Boyceville native who played 17 seasons in the Major Leagues and was a four-time All-Star.

The list of Eau Claire natives playing professional ball includes many players from the 1940s and 1950s but spans nearly 70 years, including Ken West from 1933 and Kelly Werner, who signed in 2000 with the Milwaukee Brewers.

A number of the players reached Class AAA ball, or one level below the majors, including Paul Ausman, Rick Hense, Dennis O'Melia and Ron Stewart.

Several city natives signed with the old Boston or Milwaukee Braves, who had a Northern League team in Eau Claire. Some of them also were on the city pro team during periods when it was not affiliated with a Major League club.

The Hall of Fame list also includes three players who previously were inducted, Vic Johnson, Tom Poquette and Harvey Tomter. Johnson and Poquette were the only city natives to reach the Major Leagues. Tomter was a longtime Eau Claire Cavaliers coach.

The banquet will be preceded by a social hour, silent auction and baseball memorabilia display beginning at 5:30 p.m. The cost is $55.

Ticket sales end Jan. 22. Seating is limited.

All proceeds from the banquet benefit the Hall of Fame, which was founded in 2007 by the History Committee.

City natives in the minor leagues

Paul Ausman, 1973, Milwaukee Brewers

Joe Beaulieu, 1954, St. Louis Browns

Connie Bradison, 1965, Minnesota Twins

Ron Buckli, 1953, Baltimore Orioles

Gary Finch, 1965, Minnesota Twins

Jim Ganther, 1953, Boston Braves

Tom Garnett, 1959, Washington Senators

Harold "Hud" Gelein, 1958, Milwaukee Braves

Jim Geske, 1948, Boston Braves

Wally Geske, 1949, St. Louis Browns

Norm Gutsch, 1951, Chicago White Sox

Werner Haas, 1942, unaffiliated

Bob Hall, 1966, Cincinnati Reds

Bill Hamilton, 1952, St. Louis Browns

Rick Hense, 1965, Washington Senators

Harold "Hod" Hoepner, 1941, unaffiliated

Bob Hoff, 1941, unaffiliated

Jon Huth, 1988, Texas Rangers

Jerry "Rosy" Johnson, 1955, Milwaukee Braves

Meriland "Pearly" Johnson, 1958, Kansas City A's

Vic Johnson, 1942, unaffiliated

Wally Johnson, 1942, unaffiliated

Don Jordan, 1951, Boston Braves

Harold "Diz" Kronenberg, 1946, St. Louis Cardinals

Ted Lahner, 1958, Milwaukee Braves

Vic Larson, 1942, unaffiliated

Dick Lund, 1942, unaffiliated

Harry "Bugs" Mason, 1947, unaffiliated

Dennis O'Melia, 1953, Milwaukee Braves

Tom Poquette, 1970, Kansas City Royals

Carson "Bill" Proctor, 1948, New York Giants

Don Rasmus, 1953, St. Louis Cardinals

Jim Schlewitz, 1952, St. Louis Browns

Ron Stewart, 1969, New York Mets

Jim Stolp, 1958, Kansas City A's

Harvey Tomter, 1952, New York Giants

Kelly Werner, 2000, Milwaukee Brewers

Ken West, 1933, unaffiliated

Scott Wold, 1971, Minnesota Twins

Jim Woodford, 1952, Boston Braves

Roger Zahnow, 1955, Milwaukee Braves