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Hallie Tuesday PM Couples

June 1

Play of the day (Best Poker Hand Holes 1-3-5-7-9): Ladies: Vicki Brown 4-6's; Ginny Olson 3-8's. Men's: Scott Brown 3-6's; Ron King 3-5's. Men's low for the field: Jim Martell 35; Dave Olson 37; Dick Anderson 38. Ladies low for the field: Peggy Larson 47; Vicki Brown 48; Barb King, Marcia Movrich & Carla Peterson 50. Men's birdies: Dick Anderon No. 7; Jeff Cipriano No. 4; John Gast No. 2; Jim Martell No. 8; Don Schlieve No. 1; Mark Peterson No. 5 & 8. Ladies birdies: Marcia Movrich No. 4. Men's low putts: Jeff Krahn 15; Pat Clifton, Jim Martell & Mark Peterson 16. Ladies low putts: Dee Schlieve 14; Sylvia Emerson 16; Marcia Movrich 17.

Hickory Hills Wednesday AM Ladies

June 2

Low for the field: Trish Jensen 44. Play of the day (Three Blind Mice, throw out 2,5,8): Flight A: Trish Jensen 30. Flight B: Donna Meier 30. Flight C: Barb Baumgartner & Jane Schye 38. Low putts: Flight A: Barb King, Trish Jensen & Verlene Nimmo 14. Flight B: Donna Meier 14; Barb Baumgartner & Jane Schye 16. Chip-ins: Verlene Nimmo No. 5.

Pine Meadow Thursday AM Ladies

June 3

Low for the field: Gail MacTavish 39; Barbara Ries 39. Play of the day (most of one kind): Flight A: Gail MacTavish 5 4's; Donna Weidman 5 4's. Flight B: LaRae Knecht 5 5's; Linda Kerckhove 5 5's. Low Putts: Flight A: Barbara Ries 16; Flight B: Linda Beckler 17.

Holes in One

Ryan Baier with a pitching wedge from 143 on No. 17 at Wild Ridge.





Fox Run;37;27

Brown Hut I;36;28


Brown Hut II;34;30





Brown Hut I 11, Schuetzy’s 5; Brown Hut II 11, Bateman 5; Eagles 8, Liner 8; Fox Run 8, Sandbar 8. 

High Ringers

Roger Hargrave 40, Jimmy Gwiazdon 37, Moose Steinmetz 37, Josh Welke 34, Dick Pagenkopf 31, Kevin Patterson 31, Wally Wik 31.