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Pine Meadow Monday AM Ladies

Aug. 10

Low for the Field: Pat Menard, Lois Rottier & Phyllis Sandy 40. Play of the day (Most trees hit): Class A: Pat Griffin & Lois Rottier 2 each. Class B: Sally Julson & Rita Sparks 3 each. Class C: Mary Millis 3. Low putts: Class A: Pat Griffin 14. Class B: Mavis Hermodson & Sally Julson 14. Class C: Nancy Christenson 15.

Correction: Last week's play of the day Class A winner was Lois Rottier.

Lake Hallie Tuesday PM Couples

Aug. 11

Play of the day: League championship using handicaps & low putts. Ladies winners/play of the day: 1: Helen Knight 29 T2: Barb King & Vicki Brown 31. Low putts: Helen Knight & Jan Krahn 16. Men's winners/play of the day: 1: Ron King 27; 2: Pete Movrich 30; 3: Jeff Krahn 31. Low putts: John Gast, Jim Martell & Paul Andrashko 16. Men's low gross: Jim Martell & Dave Olson 39; Ron King 40. Ladies low gross: Helen Knight & Emily Geissler 45; Barb King 46. Men's birdies: John Gast No. 1; Ron King No. 7; Pete Movrich No. 2. Men's low putts: John Gast, Paul ANdrashko & Jim Martell 16; Jeff Krah & Dennis Larson 17. Ladies low putts: Helen Knight & Jan Krahn 16; Barb King 18.

Hickory Hills Wednesday AM Ladies

Aug. 12

Low for the field: Trish Jensen 44. Play of the day (Most 6's): Flight A: Carla Peterson 6. Flight B: Donna Meier 4. Flight C: Jeanine Brown, Jane Hartman & Jane Schye 2. Low putts: Flight A: Betsy Ruesch & Donna Schultz 15. Flight B: Marcia Movrich & Donna Smith 16. Flight C: Jeanine Brown 17. Chip-ins: Betsy Ruesch No. 9.

Pine Meadow Thursday AM Ladies

Aug. 13

Low for the field: Donna Weidman 39. Play of the day (puttless golf): Flight A: Donna Weidman 23; Flight B: Mona Cunningham 25. Low putts: Flight A: Kathy Steele & Phyllis Sandy 15. Flight B: Mona Cunningham 17.

Whispering Pines Thursday PM Ladies

Aug. 6

Low gross: Ali Neinfeldt 41. Low net: Cindy Munroe & Susie Debauche 31. High points: Fran Nordrum 10. Most bogeys: Joanie Molkentin, Judy Aken & Barbara Hanson. Most pars: Ali Neinfeldt 5. Most birdies: Joanie Molkentin, Ali Neinfeldt & Judy Aken 1.


Sally Patrow on No. 17 at Wild Ridge with a 7-iron on Tuesday.





Brown Hut;125;83

Fox Run;117;91







Eagles 12, Schuetzy’s 4; Fox Run 11, Chalet 5; Sandbar 11, Bateman 5; Liner 9, Brown Hut 7.

High Ringers

Jimmy Gwiazdon 47, Todd Sheehan 47, Roger Hargrave 40, Jeff Kunz 39, Randy Luedtke 38, Tom Machnik 37, Moose Steinmetz 35, John Reiter 34, Terry Christenson 30.