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Pine Meadow Thursday PM Ladies

Aug. 20

Low scores: Flight A: Donna Schultz 33; Sharon Stephens & Kim Prock 37. Flight B: Gail Tasch 35; Bobbie DeVoll 39; Connie Brown 41. Low putts: Flight A: Donna Schultz 14. Flight B: Gail Tasch 13. Longest putt: Flight A: Brittnie Prock No. 7. Flight B: Bobbie DeVoll No. 7. Longest drive: Flight A: Sharon Rasmussen No. 1. Flight B: Vergene Knutson No. 1.

Whispering Pines Thursday PM Ladies

Aug. 23

Low gross: Judy Aken 40. Low net: Jenna Hughes 27. High points: Dorothy Kaiser, Joanie Molkentin & Jenna Hughes 8. Most bogeys: Jill Geske & Judy Aken 5. Most pars: Barbara Hanson 4. Most birdies: Deb Case, Ali Neinfeldt & Judy Aken 1.

Pine Meadow Monday AM Ladies

Aug. 23

Low for the field: Pat Griffin & Lois Rottier 40. Play of the day (throw out No. 4): Class A: Pat Griffin & Lois Rottier 36. Class B: Phyllis Sandy 35. Class C: Mary Millis 42. Low putts: Class A: Pat Menard 16. Class B: Mavis Hermodson 17. Class C: Mary Millis 15.

Lake Hallie Tuesday Couples

Aug. 25

Play of the day (Las Vegas scramble): Jeff and Emily Geissler, Dennis and Peggy Larson 32; Mark and Carla Peterson, Paul and Sonja Andrashko, Jerry and Sally Holldorf, Jeff and Jan Krahn 35.

Hickory Hills Wednesday AM Ladies

Aug. 26

Low for the field: Carla Peterson 46. Play of the day (most 5s): Flight A: Barb King, Carla Peterson, Verlene Nimmo and Mary Ann Werlein 3. Flight B: Donna Meier and Donna Smith 3. Flight C: Jeanine Brown, Jo Dow and Jane Schye 1. Low putts: Flight A: Barb King 14. Flight B: Marcia Movrich 13. Flight C: Jo Dow 15.

Pine Meadow Thursday AM Ladies

Aug. 27

Low for the field: Barbara Droske 39. Play of the day (throw out worst hole): Flight A: Barbara Droske 33. Flight B: Barbara Ries 36. Low putts: Flight A: Kathy Steele 15. Flight B: Carolyn Lueck 15. Chip-ins: Teena Dressen No. 2.


Fall Creek

Week 14


JY Collision Center;22.5;5.5

Four Z's;21;7

Chicken Chaser's No. 1;17;11

Co-Op Credit Union;15.5;12.5

Chicken Chaser's No. 2;12;16

LG Seeds;9;19

Fall Mart;8;20


High Ringers

Ron Strauch 28, Dean Zimmerman 27, Wendy Stephan 26, Dave Dohms 22, Larry Schwoch 22, Paul Wiese 21, Kylie Schacht 21, Ronald Wiese 20, LeAnn Wiese 20, Mike Christopher 20, Darrel Reetz 20.

High Points

Paul Wiese 58, Jim Tumm 56, Wayne Steig 55, Ron Strauch 53, Gavin Wiese 50, Larry Schwoch 49, Brian Flaskrud 48, Wes Klingbiel 48, Dave Messerschmidt 45, Dennis Schacht 44, Kylie Schacht 43, Devin Kinsella 41, Korey Schroeder 40.