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Pine Meadow Monday AM Ladies

Sept. 14

Low for the Field: Sally Julson 35; Play of the Day: Throw Out #2: Class A: Lois Rottier and Kathy Steele 33, Class B: Sally Julson 32, Class C: Elaine Wendt 33. Putts were not counted due to the fact the greens were being aerated.

Hickory Hills Wednesday AM Ladies

Sept. 16

Low for the field: Donna Schultz 45. Play of the day (throw out highest & lowest hole): Flight A: Donna Schultz 36. Flight B: Donna Smith 37. Flight C: Theresa Boetcher 46. Low putts: Flight A: Donna Schultz 14. Flight B: Donna Smith 13. Flight C: Joan Gartzke 18. Chip-ins: Donna Smith (8 and 9).

Lake Hallie Tuesday Couples

Sept. 19

Play of the day (low net score 18 holes, 1st ad 2nd place men/women): Ladies: Peggy Larson 61, Joanne Gast 68. Men: Jerry Holldorf 70, Dennis Larson 75. Birdies: Men: Dave Olson (No. 9), Jim Martell (No. 14 and 16), Mark Peterson (No. 16), Dennis Larson (No. 18). Ladies: Sally Holldorf (No. 4), Peggy Larson (No. 12). Low putts: Men: Jerry Holldorf 29, Dennis Larson 32. Ladies: Peggy Larson 32, Barb King 32, Mary LaNou 36, Marcia Movrich 37. Chip-ins: Ladies: Barb King (No. 16), Marcia Movrich (No. 17).

Pine Meadows Monday AM Ladies

Sept. 21

Low for the Field: Sally Julson 34; Play of the Day: Most One Putts: Class A: Pat Griffin , Lois Rottier, and Donna Weidman 4, Class B: Sally Julson 6, Class C: Jill Barland and Elaine Wendt 5. Low Putts: Class A: Lois Rottier 12, Class B: Sally Julson 12, Class C: Elaine Wendt 14.


Commercial League

Sept. 16

Top scores: Dave Gibeau 624, Mark Zimmerman 616, Brett Gaddie 611, Gary Thompson 609.


Fall Creek Church League

Week 1




Bethlehem 1;2;1

Bethlehem 2;2;1

St. John's;1;2

St. James;1;2


Grace def. St. James 7-5, 3-4, 4-3. Bethlehem 1 def. St. John's 5-2, 6-4, 0-1. Bethlehem 2 def. Cleghorn 3-4, 4-2, 3-1.

High hitters: Darrel Reetz 9/18, Roger Nehring 10/19.