Spring Valley football players practice under the lights Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2019 on their snow-covered historic game field in Spring Valley.

The WIAA released sport-specific guidelines on Friday to aid in return-to-play procedures for summer high school athletics activities.

In a 44-page document, the WIAA set forth policies for each sport, detailing specifics on what social distancing, practice and game protocols, and equipment policies would look like in each, among other procedures.

Each sport has a uniform pre-workout/pre-contest screening protocol. According to the guidelines, athletes and coaches should check their temperatures at home before attending practices or games. If they have a temperature of 100.4 degrees or above, they should stay home. Any individuals with symptoms could not return to practice until they are free of fever and respiratory symptoms for at least three days without the use of fever-reducing medicine, and 10 days have passed since the first symptoms appeared.

Written medical clearance would be required to return to activity.

The guidelines also went more in-depth with regard to each individual sport. In general, athletes are told to bring their own water bottles and not share equipment, and any equipment which must be shared — balls, for instance — will be regularly sanitized.

For each sport, the WIAA set forth practice drills which can be done when there is high risk, moderate risk and low risk surrounding the virus. Drills that can be done amid high risk include conditioning, footwork drills, and others that do not involve shared equipment and allow for social distancing.

Notably, in football when there is a high risk level, the football will not be passed or handed off between players. Quarterbacks can throw to a stationary dummy, but must retrieve the ball themselves. Other position groups can work on footwork and hand/arm work and use chutes, but no player contact is allowed.

In most cases, when there is player contact involved during moderate risk or low risk drills, players would be expected to join small groups and only work within their group.

Full procedures for each sport can be found online at tinyurl.com/yaff9ya4