Ronin Cosiquien’s leadership skills became apparent to his teachers at Memorial High School even as a freshman. Cosiquien and his fellow seniors will graduate next week.

Even as a freshman, one Memorial High School teacher instantly tagged Ronin Cosiquien as a leader.

Sara Scovil, the school’s Key Club adviser and a math teacher, was in her first year at Memorial when Cosiquien was a freshman.

First impressions mean everything.

“Right off the bat I could tell he was a leader,” Scovil said of Cosiquien.

And whenever Cosiquien showed up to volunteer for a Key Club activity, he always did so with a positive attitude, Scovil said.

“He is just a positive force,” she said of Cosiquien. “And he has been like that all four years.”

Cosiquien’s drive to excel is what sets him apart from other students, Scovil said.

“He always has that. He has a caring nature and that’s why he volunteers,” she said. “When you email him, he will get back to you within an hour. He’s devoted. When he’s devoted, he will do it.”

Cosiquien, who graduates this week with his Memorial High School classmates, has been involved in Key Club for his entire high school career and has been club president for the past two years.

Part of this role included managing all interactions between Memorial’s students and volunteer organizations.

Memorial’s Key Club has more than 100 students who volunteer at more than 60 events a year.

Events Cosiquien has taken a leadership role in range from working with younger children within the Eau Claire school district to volunteering with the Career Development Center and cleaning up the campus and local highways, Scovil said.

“While the life of a student can be a bit overwhelming, Ronin has always gone above and beyond when it comes to his leadership responsibilities,” Scovil said.

Cosiquien, who was born in the Philippines, said volunteerism is important to him.

“If you are in a position to help others, you should seize that opportunity,” he said. “With everything available to us in the United States, you should never have an excuse to not give back.”

As Key Club president, Cosiquien organizes and hosts all weekly meetings.

“Ronin has a personality that lights up the room,” Scovil said. “Ronin has taken the initiative to make each meeting engaging and unique.”

In 2019-20, Cosiquien was given the Distinguished Club President Award for the Wisconsin-Upper Michigan District of Kiwanis.

“He has the drive to go above and beyond,” Scovil said.

“Ronin has become a vital part of giving not only to our community, but to our state. And I would expect those same team player attributes to be utilized in Ronin’s future plans.”

Besides Key Club, Cosiquien has been involved in National Honor Society, Student Council, orchestra, Math Club, track and field and cross country.

Outside of school, Cosiquien volunteers countless hours as well at Mayo Clinic Health System in Eau Claire.

Cosiquien said his busy schedule has taught him the importance of balance.

“I have learned to become good at balancing everything life throws at you,” he said.

Cosiquien said balance will be necessary when he attends the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities this fall to study genetics and cell biology and development. He wants to pursue a pre-med track.

“It’s a long track,” he said. “It’s pretty much like running a marathon.”

Cosiquien has a bright future, Scovil said.

Whatever he puts his mind to, “he will do it, that is for sure,” she said.

“Always, in his work, he is dedicated and compassionate, enthusiastic, cheerful, committed and responsible,” Sovil said.

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